Some of the ongoing collaborations for the systems for training and rehabilitation.

Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli

He founded and currently directs Formula Medicine, a Sports Medicine Center where scientific and medical research projects are conceived and carried out by a staff of professionals composed of doctors, psychologists, athletic trainers, physiotherapists and nutritionists. The project, developed in 26 years of top-level activity in sports with a focus on Motorsport, exposed the need for innovative training tools, both hardware and software, to improve and monitor the health, physical well-being and mental efficiency of athletes and people in general. Pro Board products, Active Lights System and Bluetooth Buttons are used on a daily basis in the center and in the "Mental Gym" protocols.

Prof. Giovanni Gandini

Freelancer and lecturer at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan (Interfaculty : Education Sciences - "A. Gemelli" Medicine and Surgery, Master's Degree in Sciences and Techniques of Preventive and Adapted Motor Activities) University of Insubria (Faculty of Medicine, Degree course: Motor Sciences) EdiAcademy. An expert in proprioception, Mr. Gandini develops rehabilitation protocols in his centre "Corpo Libero" in Varese with 5 Pro Board stations; he follows and trains Elite athletes of multiple disciplines on a daily basis.

Poliambulatorio Dalla Rosa Prati

The poly-clinic “Dalla Rosa Prati” in Parma has operated successfully in the rehabilitation and physiokinesitherapy sector (i.e. physiotherapy based on body movements) for over 50 years. A tradition of continuous research and development, back in 2017 the center introduced the Pro Board system for daily use with patients and seniors for proprioceptive rehabilitation in the gym.

FIPE – Federazione Italiana Pesistica

Officially recognized by Coni, the FIPE is the Federation that represents the Olympic disciplines of weightlifting and strength training. The Pro Board System has been included in the various training phases in order to collect data and create proprioceptive rehabilitation protocols started in September 2018. The specialties of weightlifting are: the "Snatch”, in which the athletes must lift the barbell above their head in a single movement, and the exercise of "Clean and Jerk", in which the barbell is brought at shoulders’ height (with a movement called "turning") and then the weight is raised above the head. In both cases, for a correct lifting, the athletes must hold the bar firmly over the head, with arms and legs stretched, avoiding bending movements.